Our Sentiment value is a way of measuring the emotional interaction within Truslf and other online mentions through our algorithm that tracks positivity/ negativity of our users comments and posts.This was created and designed specifically for our Truslf platform.
  • Positive Comments 50% 50%
  • Negative Comments 30% 30%
  • Participation 50% 50%
  • Value 85% 85%

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Truslf Explained 


 Creating communities of like-minded people brings understanding, education, realization and a place of belonging.


It’s easy to communicate positively when everything goes the way we want and our users are generally happy. Our goal is to implement positive communications in all our communities through our sentiment value algorithm. Our communication is a reflection of our thoughts! 


Truslf events is a social impact platform that uses the social engagement in 100% social/desired passions to create innovative and imaginative experiences that profoundly impact people’s social/desirable perspective. We work for positive social/desirable change by creating and embracing ground-breaking ideas to create events based on our users community experiences socially and desirably. 


Truslf wants to create a place where our desires are sex positive by removing shame and judgment from our desirable thoughts and creating positive affirmations like consent, communication, education that allows people to make informed choices about their bodies and pleasures. 


Truslf is about promoting Sex Positive a way of being that replaces shame with pleasure and judgment with FREEDOM.

Sex positive is the idea that people should have space to embody, explore, and learn about their sexuality and gender.

Truslf desired side is where our users can explore their desires that involves being nonjudgmental and respectful regarding the diversity of sexuality and gender expressions.

Together, we are raising a powerful next generation in the transformation in becoming sex positive by learning about sexuality and gender without judgment or shame.

Truslf believes that social negativity and desire negativity is ingrained in the way our entire society embraces it. Society approaches sex and sexuality from a place of fear, oppression, and stigma. Being controlled by shame and judgment is a miserable experience in all aspects of life. Truslf desired side will be a tremendous source of health, celebration, nurturance, healing, and well-being. 

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