A Safe Place to Explore You

Seven billion people on a tiny planet… Suspended in the vastness of space… All alone. How we make sense of that, is the great mystery of our miraculous existence. Social media apps allows us to connect and learn about these other seven billion beings, but Truslf isn’t like other social media apps. It is a different social network.

Truslf is an online app where you can use the support of others to discover more about you.

Truslf allows you to safely connect with virtual communities where you can discuss and explore the desires of your body and mind, all without the fear of judgment.



Discover More About Yourself

Humans beings are hard–wired to connect but so often online platforms emphasise how many connections you have as opposed to how deep each connection is. On this app it doesn’t matter how many “friends” you have or how many “likes” you get, because what we’re after is so much deeper than that. Therefore, in order to break the stigma that sexuality should be suppressed, we are building online communities around your social and desire needs. Truslf is not a place to find physical stimulation, but rather to discover new ideas about your emotional and sexual life.

Be Social Or Private

Our community is unique because it offers customizable privacy settings, like the ability to choose an alias to remain anonymous on the site. Truslf will also have features like online therapists you can chat with and monitors to limit suspicious or inappropriate behavior. Your profile allows you, just like in reality, to have a public profile available to anyone and a private profile that you treat much like your bedroom door; you only show it to those who you want to see that side of you. To find out more about the types of communities you will be able to join once our app is running, click below.



This is where you come in. What is it that you truly desire from your romantic life? The best part about this question? Every person has a unique answer, yet everyone’s answer is as equally “right” as the next.

We get that no one is the same, whether it be your gender identity, sexual orientation, or other sexual preferences. Truslf will connect you with others who have similar answers to the question “What is your desire?”, and from there the self-exploration is endless.

To put it frankly, let your freak flag fly and allow yourself to share and discover what you’re truly “into” in a safe place. This is certainly a different social network experience.

Finally, a place to discover your true desires.