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Key Value – As we have stated your key value will start $1.99 as your followers increase the value of your key will increase. Once you get to a certain amount of followers (2500). You will become to make money.  

Sex Positive – Truslf is about Sex Positive the idea that people should have space to embody, explore, and learn about their sexuality and gender.

Education – Truslf is riasing a powerful next generation in the transformation to embody, explore, educate, and learn abour sexuality and gender.

Safety and Security – Truslf has implemented safety and security meassures to keep our True Selfers safe. At any moment you feel threatened, uncomfortable, or unsafe call law enforcement immediately or redflag the user for a Truslf investigation. Law Enforcement will always be your first priorty!  

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Join Truslf today through your App Store or Goggle Play store. Create your Truslf social account then create your Dsired account within the same app. The Dsired side is where you will be able to make your money. Pick a community that you’re genuinely passionate about. you will have to post your Dsired media regularly and consistently to enage your followers. Your posts should reflect whatever truly interests you and not just random stuff.

Truslf strongly recommends your photos be visually appealing, but your entire feed should look appealing when viewed as a whole. This means that all of your photos in your feed should look good, individually and collectively.   


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Truslf believes that social negativity and desire negativity is ingrained in the entire way in our entire society embraces it. Society approaches sex and sexuality from a place of fear, oppression, and stigma. Being controlled by shame and judgment is a miserable experience in all aspects of life. Truslf desired side will be a tremendous source of health, celebration, nurturance, healing, education, and well-being. Truslf with the help of our True Selfers, law enforcement, and many other agencies create a social media platform where our users feel the freedom to discuss sex and sexuality as a s0cial norm.


Truslf encourages the exploration and celebration of the many facets of human sexuality. Through an encompassing a variety of communities, created by and for our users. Truslf seeks to educate, to facilicate consensual open expression and dialog, and provide a platform for our users and community. As proponents of sex positive culture, we believe that the appropriate uses of sex extend beyond reproduction. They include creating personal pleasure, bonding interpersonal relationships, promoting spiritual growth, and enhancing emotional and physical health. In a sex positive world, everyone has the freedom and resources to pursue a filfilling and empowering sex life.


Truslf social side is about think real talk, representation, relatability, transparency, and good olf fashioned dedication. Our like-minded communities have been created for users to communicate with other users who have the same passsions in their social lives.

Truslf Dating App (coming soon)

In the near future Truslf will release our own dating platform based around users social and desired sides. Truslf believes lifestyle and personal values should always be taken into consideration. We are so socially dominated in all aspects of our life. The desired side of who we truly are is most of the time a secondary disussion. Truslf is forward thinking in the dating world because our desired side of our platform. We will give our users an opportuinty to get to know someone who is like-minded through their desired communities, while combining their social interest.


Truslf Dsired side is about think real talk, representation, relatability, transparency, and good old fashioned dedication. Our like-minded communities have been created for users to communicate with other users who have the same passsions in their desired lives.


“I have been an advent social media user since I was 18 years old. It has been an up and down roller coaster ride. Social media today has changed into complete fear of expressing an opinion on literally any topic without someone tearing you apart. That includes opinions from people I dont know. What I love about truslf is I can join communities I love and talk to people that love the same things I do. Our discussions are so enlightening. I also love the desired side because I have always been afraid to express my sexual side. The desired side of Truslf gives me that freedom to be my true authentic self without been judged. Highly recommend.

Marissa James

“I am beyond excited that Truslf has been created. I love the sentiment value. You can see when people friend you if they are positive or negative. I love it that we will all be held accountable for posting negative posts. I love the communities on the social and desirable sides. This is exactly what our world needs today.” Spread the word about Trulsf.

Jinga Low


Education.communication.Positive Affirmation