Feel. Touch. Desire.



Awaken Your Senses.

Find Your Desire. Truslf awakens and gives you the power to unleash contact with your five senses. It can release you from the everyday insanity of the mind and usher you back into the wisdom of your body. Alive in your senses, you arrive in the present moment, where you find your true self.

Being in touch with your senses, defines you as a person. It makes you whole. In order to enjoy this world fully, we need to nurture all of our senses.


The Life Force

Find Your Desire. Your desires do not just reside below the waist. Desires are what drive you through life and give your body energy. Your desires can be used as fuel to accelerate any aspect of your life, whether it be a desire for career success, emotional improvement, or physical exploration. Desire is a force of energy, and just like all energy, it has potential. There is a reason desire has been repressed generation after generation: It is the most powerful energy humans can produce between one another.



Find Your Desire. Desires are considered a sacred place behind the bedroom door. What would you do if you started to think of your sacred place as a place of freedoms and expression of your true self? How would your choices be different?  Desires are not about denigrating comments or internal dialogue criticizing your shape or size. Every human being is wanted , loved and desired, no matter what color, gender or race. If you’re single or partnered it is delightful to share sensuality with another human being. Finding your true self will take your sacred place to higher levels.